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Durbin Creek Elementary Extended Day Enrichment Program                                            

Encouraging Growth While Making the Most of Our Enrichment Time”

General Information

The Extended Day Enrichment Program at Durbin Creek Elementary School is a community service provided by the St. Johns County School District to families who have two working parents or families of single parents who work. It is available to students enrolled at Durbin Creek in grades Kindergarten to Fifth.

Extended Day Enrichment Fees

Enrichment fees are collected for the months of August through May. Extended Day enrichment fees are divided into 10 even payments. If payment is not received, we do not charge a late fee, however, your child will be dropped from the program until the balance is paid in full.

Please make checks payable to: Durbin Creek Elementary or DCE

 Registration Fees & Information

New enrollments as well as Re-enrollments are required to pay a non-refundable registration fee of $80.00 if registering before May 24, 2019.  After 5/24/19 the registration fee is $100. This is a once a year fee and helps provide materials necessary for activities within the Enrichment Program. This fee is not refundable if the parent decides not to enroll his/her child after payment of this fee.

The parent may enroll, withdraw & re-enroll their child/ren in the program throughout the year without repayment of the registration fee. However, space is limited. Although we will be glad to give you our best guess, there are no guarantees that there will still be room for your child should you need to re-enroll.

NSF Checks

Checks returned NSF for any reason will be subject to processing fees from Envision Payment Solutions who handles all returned checks.

Two Weeks Notice

Should your needs change and you need to reduce or discontinue services through our program, we require 2 weeks notice in writing. If you child/ren

Daily Recess & Snack

The children alternate using the playgrounds, basketball courts, softball fields, soccer fields, their assigned houses, and the cafeteria on a daily basis. Teachers always have access to direct communication with staff members on the premises via walkie talkie.


Each group will have a time designated for the completion of homework. Their Extended Day teacher will try their best to help children with directions and questions, however, we do not have adequate staff for one-on-one attention.

Contracted Activities

Each child in After School Care has the opportunity to enroll in contracted activities for an additional cost. Prices vary based on activity. They are offered to enable the children of working parents the opportunity and exposure that late hours sometimes prohibit. They are meant to enhance your child’s experiences and promote a higher self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.

When do they begin?  Most activities do not begin until September.

When do we register?  Most activities run on 6 to 8 week long sessions and will have registration forms at the Ext Day checkout.

General Information

The children enrolled are provided with supervised daily activities that are age appropriate. Group ratios are approximately 20-1. This is a totally self-supportive program, receiving no monies from the city, district, county, state or federal agencies. All fees for student participation in the program must be paid in advance prior to the child’s attendance. Extended Day Enrichment is designed to provide a safe, nurturing, positive environment that enlists age appropriate programs and activities to enhance and enrich the experiences within our student’s day. Such activities include arts & crafts, homework, recess, and sports. Space is available on a limited basis. Contracted activities requiring additional fees are also available to enrich your child’s afternoon.

Program Hours

Before School Care

6:30 am – 8:00 am

After School Care

Dismissal – 6:00 pm

· School dismisses at 2:50 pm on Mon, Tues, Thurs, & Fri and at 1:50 pm on Weds

We are closed for all school holidays, breaks, and teacher planning days.

Late fees begin at 6:05 pm with a charge of $5.00 and $1.00 per each additional minute after 6:05 pm.

Snack & Drink included with all after school plans.

Plans listed below are cost per month. The school calendar year consists of 180 days that the children are in attendance. Each month varies from another in the amount of days attended . Due to the variance, we have broken up the
extended day fees into 10 equal payments for your convenience. Each payment covers 18 days of child care. Florida state law requires that all services must be paid in full prior to services being rendered.

Before School Care Only                                               After School Care Only

1 Child          $ 160.00                                                      1 Child            $220.00

2 Children    $ 280.00                                                       2 Children       $385.00

3 Children    $ 400.00                                                       3 Children       $550.00

 Both Before & After                                                        

1 Child           $280.00

2 Children     $490.00                 

3 Children     $700.00

“DROP IN” with paid registration $30 /day OR without paid registration $40/day

***Drop In Punch Card = 10 “Any Date Drop Ins ” for $250 (any unused visits will not be refunded)

Durbin Creek Elementary Extended Day  

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