Policies and Procedures



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Nicole Cooksey, Coordinator

Phone:  904.547.3882                                Front Office Phone: 904.547.3881

FAX:      904.547.3885                                Address:  4100 Race Track Road. Jacksonville, FL. 32259

E-mail:  [email protected] Web Site:       www.dce.stjohns.k12.fl.us

GENERAL INFORMATION:  The program is self-funded, and does not receive any money from city, district, county or federal agencies. All fees for student participation in the Extended Day Program must be paid in advance by law. Group ratios are approximately 1:23.

DAYS/HOURS AVAILABLE:  Extended Day care is available on days Durbin Creek Elementary School is in session. It is not available on school holidays, teacher/inservice days, or Winter, Spring, or Summer breaks. Monthly fees already account for those weekdays (holidays, breaks, etc.) on which there is no school. On days of early release, your child in Extended Day goes immediately to Extended Day upon school dismissal.

Morning Extended Day:  6:30am – 8:00am If students are in need of breakfast, it is available through the school’s cafeteria. Breakfast  begins at 8:00. Payment for breakfast is paid directly to the cafeteria via your child’s lunch number. (Cash is also accepted.) Breakfast/Lunch money cannot be included in payments to Extended Day.

Afternoon Extended Day:  Begins as school ends, which is at 2:50 M,T.Th, F & 1:50 W. Upon school dismissal until 6:00. Extended Day supervision is not available beyond 6:00 PM.

SNACK & DRINK:  Snack is provide for all children and is already factored into your monthly payments. Please advise us of ANY food allergies so we accommodate your child.

HOMEWORK EXPECTATIONS: To be quiet and not talk with their neighbor during homework time. Homework can be started at any part of the afternoon voluntarily, but must be completed with the group. To remember all their materials needed for their homework from the classroom – prior to school’s dismissal. (To ensure your child’s safety, they are unable to return to their class to retrieve forgotten items.) Should we have challenges with a child being disruptive, despite warnings, a behavior note will be sent home.

EXTENDED DAY ENRICHMENT FEES:  NEW ENROLLMENTS as well as RE-ENROLLMENTS are required to pay a registration fee of $80.00 per child if registered on or before May 24, 2019. After 5/24/19 the registration fee is $100. This is a ONCE-A-YEAR Fee and helps to provide materials necessary for activities within the Extended Day Enrichment Program. The registration fee is required per student regardless of the program in which the child is enrolled, or when they enroll. This once a year fee is not refundable if the parent decides not to enroll his/her child after payment.

Just a few notes:

  • Make checks payable to Durbin Creek Elementary or DCE
  • Invoices will be provided about 1 week before the due date. You are responsible for payment whether or not you receive an invoice.
  • Payments are due BEFORE services are provided according to the Florida Constitution (Article VII, Section 10)
  • You can drop payment off in the basket that sits at the Extended Day checkout table. The basket is emptied out each night for processing.
  • Should you decide to withdraw, we cannot guarantee a spot will be available should you return.
  • NSF Checks: Envision is utilized to process checks that are returned for any reason. You will be contacted by a representative of Envision to resolve the balance.

2018/2019 Extended Day Payment Due Dates

  1. August fee (3/4 charge) is due July 27th
  2. September fee (full charge) is due August 24th
  3. October fee (full charge) is due September 21st
  4. November fee (full charge) is due October 19th
  5. December fee (3/4 charge) is due November 16th
  6. January fee (3/4 charge) is due December 14th
  7. February fee (full charge) is due January 18th
  8. March fee (3/4 charge) is due February 22nd
  9. April fee (full charge) is due March 29th
  10. May fee (full charge) is due April 26th


LATE PICK-UP CHARGES:  In the event you are late picking up your child, you will charged $5.00 for the first five minutes and $1.00 for every minute afterwards. This charge will automatically be applied to your account. This is necessary, not only because it costs us more in staffing fees, but also for the consideration of our staff, who also need to get home to their own families & personal obligations. Please be considerate and direct any complaints you may have strictly to the coordinator.

WITHDRAWING FROM THE PROGRAM:  Should your needs change, and you need to reduce or discontinue our Extended Day service, please show us the courtesy to notify us, in writing, of your plans, giving two weeks notice. If your child leaves with any outstanding debts, he/she may not be re-enrolled until these have been satisfied.

 PICK-UP PROCEDURE:  You will enter the building by way of a paved walkway coming from the parent parking lot into the building by Earth House. You will need to park your car in a designated parking spot and walk in.  Each child has his or her own sign out sheet, which are divided into binders by grade level. These binders will sit on the check-out table. The sign-out sheet will need to be initialed and the time recorded every day for every child. A picture identification will be necessary to pick-up your child. Please inform all persons picking up your child we will not release your child to them if they do not have the proper picture identification.

Behavior Communication:  Warnings will be given to children who do not follow the instructions of the St. Johns County Code of Student Conduct as well as Durbin Creek Elementary and Extended Day Citizenship Rules. Please keep in mind that this is more of a social environment for the children than the classroom, especially since they’ve just completed their school day. If your child should continue to make poor choices, notes will be sent home to keep you advised and to ask for support in correcting the behavior. If the behavior continues then your child will be removed from the program.

Any infractions severe enough to warrant a formal behavior write-up will be documented and the parents advised. With proper communication and support at home, many behaviors can be modified before severe consequences are required.

The first 3 Write-Ups will result in loss of playtime and a note sent home.

4th Write-Up will result in a note sent home and the child suspended from the program for 1 day

5th Write-Up will result in a note sent home and the child suspended from the program for 2 days

6th Write-Up will result in a note sent home and the child permanently expelled from the program.

Consequences may be escalated if behavior is violent or severely disruptive.

RECEIPTS:  Receipts for reimbursement of dependent care expenses will be issued through the Extended Day Office if requested.  End of year statement summaries for tax purposes will be printed or emailed as needed. If any further documentation is required, please direct all requests to the Extended Day Coordinator.