Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader Program


The Accelerated Reader Program (AR) is a reading incentive program that focuses on reading comprehension and helps students progressively improve their individual reading levels. Students read books on their reading levels and take the AR quizzes electronically. Accelerated Reader offers access to thousands of books on various reading levels.

To check whether a book is an AR book or to find the reading level of a book, you may click on the following link and search by author, title of a book, or topic:

AR BookFinder


Home Connect

We now have a new feature that has been added to the Library Media Center’s subscription to Renaissance Place (Accelerated Reader) called Home Connect. This feature enables parents to see the results of their child’s AR quizzes that they take in school, the number of quizzes they have taken, which books they have read and quizzed on, and other relevant information.

Home Connect gives parents a wonderful opportunity to monitor their child’s AR progress as well as help them to reach their AR goals. Parents can also sign up to receive an email message for each quiz their child takes on AR. In order to access Home Connect, parents must have their child’s AR user name and password. You may log on to Home Connect by clicking on the link below:

Home Connect