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Staff Directory


Ms. FullerPrincipal Email
Ms. WalkerAssistant Principal Email
Ms. BaezConfidential Secretary/Bookkeeper Email
Ms. StantonInstructional Literacy Coach Email
Ms. LabawGuidance CounselorWebsiteEmail
Ms. DeSimoneRegistrar/Computer OperatorWebsiteEmail
Mr. BarrettMaintenance Coordinator Email
Ms. CookseyExtended Day CoordinatorWebsiteEmail
Ms. StewartFood Service Manager Email
Ms. FreemanSchool NurseWebsiteEmail


Ms. CandamioKindergarten Teacher  
Ms. DraperKindergarten Teacher  
Ms. HensonKindergarten Teacher  
Ms. RobertsKindergarten Teacher  
Ms. LafleurKindergarten Teacher  
Ms. KuczewskiKindergarten Teacher  
Ms. ManningKindergarten Teacher

First Grade

Ms. Landorf
First Grade Teacher   
Ms. McCraw
First Grade Teacher  
Ms. MetsFirst Grade Teacher  
Ms. Thomas First Grade Teacher  
Ms. Olson
First Grade Teacher  
Ms. FurlowFirst Grade Teacher  
Ms. OnuferFirst Grade Teacher   
Ms. KotulaFirst Grade Teacher  

Second Grade

Ms. HicksSecond Grade Teacher   
Ms. Keller Second Grade Teacher  
Ms. Kepner
Second Grade Teacher  
Ms. StevensonSecond Grade Teacher  
Ms. Wheeler
Second Grade Teacher  
Ms. ElderSecond Grade Teacher  
Ms. Wing
Second Grade Teacher  

Third Grade

Ms. CavalariThird Grade Teacher  
Ms. Couch
Third Grade Teacher  
Ms. Heath
Third Grade Teacher  
Ms. Johnson
Third Grade Teacher  
Ms. KayeThird Grade Teacher  
Ms. Rice
Third Grade Teacher  
Ms. Wilhelmy
Third Grade Teacher  
Ms. BowdleAssociate Teacher

Fourth Grade

Ms. BarnhillFourth Grade Teacher  
Ms. Chaulk
Fourth Grade Teacher  
Ms. ChrisFourth Grade Teacher  
Mr. FarnumFourth Grade Teacher  
Ms. HooverFourth Grade Teacher  
Ms. KinneyFourth Grade Teacher  
Ms. Lahris
Fourth Grade Teacher
Ms. Padgett
Fourth Grade Teacher  

Fifth Grade

Ms. Brower
Fifth Grade Teacher  
Mr. Celender
Fifth Grade Teacher  
Ms. Daughtry Fifth Grade Teacher   
Mr. FrankFifth Grade Teacher  
Ms. Hatcher
Fifth Grade Teacher  
Ms. Wojnar
Fifth Grade Teacher  
Ms. McNamara
Fifth Grade Teacher  

Resource Staff

Ms. LichtyMedia Paraprofessional
Media Website 
Ms. LubrantArt Teacher  
Ms. RoweMusic Teacher  
Mr. SledgeP.E. Coach  
Ms. Mace
P.E. Coach  
Ms. CaccamiseP.E. Paraprofessional
Ms. O’BrienMedia SpecialistMedia Website 

ESE Staff

Ms. EvansESE TeacherESE Website 
Ms. Hayworth
ESE Teacher  
Ms. SipesESE Teacher  
Ms. Munoz
ESE Paraprofessional
Mrs. Mckelvey
Pre-K ESE Paraprofessional  
Ms. CampbellPre-K ESE/VPK Teacher  
Ms. TorPre-K ESE/VPK Teacher  
Ms. Ryan
Pre-K ESE/VPK Teacher  
Ms. Fussman Pre-K Paraprofessional  
Ms. HartmanPre-K Paraprofessional  
Ms. Munoz
Pre-K Paraprofessional  
Ms. Huff
Pre-K Paraprofessional  
Ms. DerusSpeech and Language  
Ms. Falls
Speech and Language  
Ms. Oko Occupational Therapist  
Ms. Earnshaw
Gifted Consultative TeacherWebsite 

Support Staff

Ms. Atwater LEA Clerk  
Ms. DavisSchool Clerk  
Ms. HarberGuidance Clerk  
Mr. HurskiTechnology Support Specialist  
Ms. PhillipsParaprofessional  
Ms. Caccamise