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Media Center Info

Our Mission

The mission of the Durbin Creek Library Media Center is to enhance the literacy experiences of our students, provide for the informational needs of our students and staff, help develop life-long learners, and to support the curriculum as outlined in the BEST Standards. We strive to instill in our students a love of reading by providing a variety of reading materials and a warm and inviting atmosphere in our Library Media Center.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding how we can better serve our DCES learning community, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. O’Brien at [email protected]. Thank you!


Our Library Media Center serves approximately 1,000 students.  Students visit the Media Center through the resource schedule or independently during Open Access hours (starting September 2022!) to check out books, browse our online catalog, read a book, or work on classroom research projects. Our library media program is fully integrated into the educational program to enable students to acquire and develop the necessary skills to be able to locate, interpret, and communicate ideas. In this way, the library becomes an extension of the classroom. Library and information skills are taught within the framework of the curriculum, rather than taught in isolation.

Book Checkout and Policies

Kindergarten and first grade students may check out one book per library visit, second grade students may check out two books per visit, third, fourth, and fifth grade students may check out up to three books per visit.
Children are taught proper book care starting in Kindergarten. Students are encouraged to keep their library books in their bookbags when not reading them in order to keep them safe. This policy also helps students keep track of their library books.
All library books are checked out for a period of 2 weeks and can be renewed if a student has the book with them.  Children are responsible for keeping their library books safe from damage or loss. If a book is damaged or lost, children are responsible for paying for the book. Please help your child keep his/her library books safe.  If a student has an overdue book, they will not be permitted to check out more books until that book is returned. 

Collection and Focus

Our up-to-date, balanced collection includes approximately 15,000 items which include books, interactive books, eBooks, technology equipment, professional books and materials. Our Reference Collection supports all areas of the curriculum as outlined in the BEST standards with up-to-date, relevant information. Our library has six student computers which students and staff use to access our collection. Internet access is available on all computers as well as access to an electronic encyclopedia: World Book Online. Our Professional Collection consists of approximately 250 books and other materials.  The certified Media Specialist continually reviews the collection for revision according to ALA standards.
The library curriculum focuses on literacy and achievement of the BEST standards which includes literacy, critical thinking skills, research and information skills, technology skills, and social skills which blend with the academic curriculum of the classroom.